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Training and Safety Programs

Driving Lesson



Currently all applicants must attend 8 hours of in class training and 50 hours of road training with a certified trainer. They must also complete and have complete knowledge of Policies and Procedures. 

Medicine Kit

First Aid & CPR Training 

All HandiCar operators receive first aid and CPR training. They are also trained in the use of Automatic External Defibrillators as well.

Friendly Handshake

Customer Service

HandiCar is dedicated to meeting the daily needs of its clients while exceeding their expectations. Each operator is familiar and proficient in passenger assistance, disability awareness and emergency procedures.


Sensitivity & Empathy

Operators are trained to be sensitive and courteous to passengers with disabilities, particularly in the securement of mobility devices. 


 Loading & Securement

HandiCar operators are trained in the following passenger loading and unloading procedures:

- Passenger Assistance

- Passengers with Wheelchairs/Scooters

- Mobility Device Securement

- Lift Operations

- Passenger Securement 

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Drug Free Policy

HandiCar implements a drug and alcohol free policy to insure that its employees are free from the effects of drugs and alcohol while at work or on company business. This is consistent with our goals of providing the safest transportation possible.

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