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    All of our equipment is the latest in Advanced Technology, all of our transit equipment is qualifies to provide the highest quality of services. Our experience in the paratransit industry and our service to governmental contracts ensure that we meet the expectations of all clients. We are confident that our applied dispatch and operational capacity is available and sufficient to support this work. 

   HandiCar provides transportation for students with disabilities and special needs under contracts in and around Arizona. The company's operators safely transport these students between their homes and their schools with a parent to teacher hand-off procedure to ensure the highest safety standards. 

HandiCar also provides door-to-door wheelchair, stretcher, and ambulatory transportation. HandiCar is licensed by the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy to supply oxygen, and wheelchairs are also provided for clients who require them. Collectively, HandiCar provides 60 vehicles and 105 operators for these services, and is achieving approximately 95% on-time performance on all contracts. 

    Handicar is qualified and operationally able to complete the services that all our clients desire. Handicar staggers service vehicles used on the number of reservations for each day. Our operations offer us the capability to cover increases of reservations with back up vehicles. 

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